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President He Lin Has Cooperation Talks with Shuigang Steel Company of Shougang Group

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On 15th March, President He Lin went to Shuigang Steel Company of Shougang Group along with Vice President Peng Wangshu, Vice President Huang Baohong, chiefs of the Office of International Exchanges & Cooperation and the school of Chemistry and Materials Engineering and other departments, aiming to set up cooperation with the company. Party Secretary and Chief Executive of Shuigang Steel Wang Jianwei, Vice General Manager Xia Chaokai welcomed President He Lin and others.

President He generally introduced LNU and manifested major tasks of LNU’s visit to Shuigang Steel. Vice General Manager Xia introduced Shuigang Steel to President He and others, stressing the company’s urgent need for specialized technical talents. Xia hoped to strive to make technical breakthrough by cooperation with LNU. 

President also expected co-work and co-develop with Shuigang Steel, making progress of university-enterprise cooperation.

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